Meet Dr. Johnson

Dr. Kristin Johnson is passionate about helping her patients to feel their best, so they can get back to what they enjoy doing most in life. With extensive education in the care and treatment of the human form, she treats patients during each stage of life– from infancy to the golden years.

With a family practice approach, Dr. Johnson knows that no single chiropractic technique is right for every patient. Therefore, she is trained in several different chiropractic adjusting techniques, including: Diversified, Flexion Distraction, Activator, and Thompson. She also uses several physiotherapies including Acupuncture, Graston Technique, myofascial release, trigger point therapy, electric muscle stimulation, ultrasound, microcurrent and exercise/rehabilitation. She also provides advice for her patients in healthy lifestyles and nutrition, knowing that how we live and what we eat greatly impacts our overall health.

Dr. Johnson received her Doctorate of Chiropractic degree from Northwestern College of Chiropractic in Bloomington, MN and earned a Bachelor’s of Science at the University of Wisconsin, La Crosse. She is a native of the Twin Cities area, and has lived in the northwest metro since 2001.

A word from the Doc…

“I know that most people think of me as a back and neck doctor, and I can work wonders with back and neck pain. But as a chiropractor, I have been trained to be much more than that. I am a fully-licensed primary care provider. This means I have had thousands of hours of schooling in physiology, internal diagnosis, and other clinical sciences— in addition to the hours I’ve spent learning about the spine and how to correct misalignments and get joints moving properly.

The reason why I emphasize my education is so that patients will understand my unique role as a natural health advisor. As your chiropractor, I’m not just someone who will get your spine adjusted to remove the physical barriers to your good health; I’m someone you can talk to about any health concern you may have.”

Meet Dr. Morris

Dr. Jonathan Morris is dedicated to helping patients increase their quality of life by restoring function and mobility not only to their spine but also to their shoulders, wrists, knees, ankles and other joints.
With a multidisciplinary approach to the treatment of musculoskeletal conditions, Dr. Morris draws on extensive training in diversified adjusting techniques, soft tissue mobilization, and
active care rehabilitation exercises. Dr. Morris is a skilled at treating spinal dysfunction, but also the rotator cuff, repetitive motion injuries such as carpal tunnel syndrome, and conditions involving the hip, knee and ankle injuries.

Dr. Morris holds his Doctorate of Chiropractic and a Bachelors Degree in human biology from Northwestern Health Sciences University. In addition to his doctoral degree, he has completed advanced certification in Graston Technique and active care. Graston technique can improve the function of chronic injuries once thought to be permanent, decreases recovery time, and reduces inflammation associated with soft tissue injuries. It is especially useful at reducing muscle tension, trigger points, and adhesions in the soft tissues. Dr. Morris also guides patients through active care rehabilitation, incorporating exercises and stretches to aid in the long-term recovery of spinal and extremity injuries.

A native of DuIuth, Dr. Morris and his family reside here in the northwest metro and are happy to call this area home. In his spare time, Dr. Morris enjoys many outdoor sports and activities with his family, doing household improvement projects, and working on cars and motorcycles.old motorcycles.